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  Indian Tree-Paintings  

My tree paintings are not just a record of the visual impact the trees have made on my mind but an effort to understand how the trees and their surroundings complement each other it is an effort also to understand how different they appear to us ever time from the guttural, religious sheer utilitarian point of view.


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On the face, my tree – portraits may appar as simple decorative forms on the canvas, - without the play of light and shade, without the consideration of perspective or scales in the real – life and leaves and, branches, But the colourscheme, the props like birds, animals, human figures natural and man-made objects often add a deeper meaning to the personality of my trees. Even the withered and fallen flowers or leaves play an important additional role of adding charm. All this may suggest a particular season or time of the day, may speak about the habitat in which the trees are usually found in nature or the surroundings in which they are planted by us human beings.

For this I require to observe the nature with keen eye and make a lot of study – sketches.

Interestingly, when I execute my tree- paintings I never make use of pencil and if at all I need, I just draw a rough outline of the over –all shape of the tree –mass the first step is to fill the canvas paper with the plain back – ground colour and keep on adding all the details one by one. Only a rough pen – shetch of the final plan is kept handy near – by but it is such a joyful experience for me to see how the picture slowly evolves on the canvas, after hours of work, stretching from eight to ten days.